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Let’s be honest, Manderly was a dick that just got out-dicked.

I actually felt kind of sorry for Manderley. He seemed as if he was in way over his head from the start. I thought he had kind of reluctantly become an MJ12 puppet, or he was hoping he might eventually gain more autonomy than what Simons was willing to grant him. Of course, Paul foiled all of his plans. By the time he ends up trying to shoot JC in the back, he was a desperate fool at the end of his rope.

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Just finished Deus Ex Human Revolution


I don’t know if anyone else has drawn this comparison, but the ending REALLY reminded me of Mass Effect 3. As in…it had the same problems and had, up until that point, been a really good game.

Hint to developers: If you’re going to do a moral choice ending for your game, at least have the character’s previous actions have some effect, and give us SOME sense of what happened to the characters afterwards.

Mass Effect copies Deus Ex in more ways than one. Give the original Deus Ex a try and get your mind blown.

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