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Holding the Line: 7 Strategies from a Former EA employee

From here:

1) Remain polite and positive, but firm on your positions. Don’t flame or rant, even when you want to. We’re right about the endings. They really are incoherent, underdeveloped, and unworthy of the franchise we love. We don’t need to rail at the unfairness of it all, or make personal attacks to get that point across. Being reasonable is almost always the best way to win an argument.
Many of the people supporting the endings on BSN are probably doing so for amusement value. Disagree, logically, and then move on. If you want to make a point and are willing, consider donating just a few bucks (or quid, or euros, or whatever) to the Child’s play protest charity project (http://retakemasseffect.chipin.com/retake-mass-effect-childs-play). As of the time of this writing, it was approaching $70k in donations. If we can get to $100k, there will almost certainly be a whole new round of media coverage (media like round numbers). 

2) Don’t feed the trolls. People post outrageous statements like “ending is best ever!!!” just to provoke responses. If those threads stay at the top of the page because everyone is flaming back, that give the false impression that people support this perspective. It also makes us look extreme and silly when we get angry in our responses. Instead, just consider roll your eyes and downgrading the star rating, or reporting the post as trolling.

3) Impact Bioware’s Bottom Line. Bioware will try to make money from us in three ways: buying new games, buying DLC, and purchasing things with Bioware points. Try not to do any of those things, and make a point whenever possible of telling Bioware *why* you aren’t doing those things. Right now, there are three things you can do easily: 1) either don’t play multiplayer or play it, and don’t buy packs with Bioware points, 2) Don’t buy DLC until they fix the end, and 3) don’t recommend the game to friends (for now).

4) Make your voice heard elsewhere, especially on Metacritic. When I worked for EA we were very sensitive to metacritic reviews, both player and press. As fans, we can directly affect player reviews by going and giving nuanced, specific critiques and low, but reasonable, scores. If you felt that the ending ruined the game, say in your review what you *would* have given the game had the endings not sucked. We can also affect press reviews by making our voices heard on youtube and whenever press coverage of the issue occurs. Note the downward trend in reviews since we started getting attention. There’s a strong herd mentality among reviewers (for lots of reasons, some good, some not). If we make it clear that a lot of people are unhappy, future reviewers are likely to make more nuanced judgments about the overall experience of the game, instead of drinking IGN’s kool-aid.

5) Don’t swear eternal vendetta on Bioware.
Stay focused on what you *want* to happen, not what’s happened in the past. A “win” for us is if Bioware recognizes their error and responds to fan feedback by addressing our concerns with new or revised content. If they do that, they should be rewarded with our loyalty, approval, and cash. Saying “I’m never buying another Bioware game,” even if they believe you, isn’t productive. If you’re out of the market, there’s no reason for them to care about you or your opinions. Instead, consider saying that you’d “love to buy more Bioware products, just as soon as they recognize and correct previous mistakes with ME3.”

6) Be active when it’s easy to do so. Be sure to support threads you like, even if it’s only an “/agree” or “^this.” Active threads stay at the top of the page and tend to drive discussion. You don’t have to write a ten page tome in response to a thread, just keep it active so it stays at the top. If you’ve already invested the time to read a thread, take ten extra seconds to make your opinion  known.

7) Don’t get burned out. This is a long-run kind of effort. Realistically speaking, even if Bioware decided internally that they were going to release an “ending fix” DLC, It’d take weeks or months to prepare. Our staying power is going to be really important. That doesn’t mean you have to post here every day, but check back regularly from time to time and chip in. If you do lose interest, remember to check back in and make your displeasure known when Bioware *does* release DLC, unless it addresses the concerns we’ve raised. Do the same whenever they say something officially that doesn’t acknowledge our concerns.

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